Polish linen

Part of the concept of the store is using materials that I can find here in Poland.  Only after living here for some time I discovered that Poland is quite famous for its linen.  Rightfully so. It is beautiful.

Linen has a very luxurious and elegant feel to it.  It ages gracefully, in fact it gets better with age.  It is also anti allergic and anti static and absorbs moisture which makes it perfect to use next to skin.

I gravitate towards neutrals and natural fabrics when decorating so natural linen is perfect for me.  I love its texture – from the very finely woven to the extremely tactile more chunky weaves and it works so well in many types of decorating applications.  From curtains and draperies to pillows and upholstery- even carpets and area rugs.

Here are some of the linens I have been working with recently.

Starting at the left:

The first sample is  very loose woven- its original state was much like burlap.  I have to say I was kind of disappointed when it arrived in the mail- it was very stiff and looked like something gardeners use to protect shrubs from the cold winter.  Then I washed it and put it in the dryer.  It become soft and touchable with a very beautiful texture.

The polka dot is one of my favourites.  I upholstered six chairs with it- very pain staking but these chairs were the first items to sell from the store.

I only recently found the check.  It has a beautiful weave.  It is not a print but white and beige linens that are woven to create the check.  I have just finished six chairs that have their seat covers in this fabric.

The last sample is actually a Polish grain sack.  I have a few of these tucked away.  The linen is so nicely aged and many of the grain sacks have writing or stamps on them.  I have used this linen to make pillow, re usable shopping bags and have even upholstered a small stool with it.

Some of the finished works with linen:

This is the polka dot chair- sorry the photo is such poor quality- I didn’t get a chance to take proper pictures and I wanted them for the store opening- then they sold!

The linen on this chair has a very tight weave and is very soft.  I finished it with the white ric rac which adds a subtle contrast.  (one of the ladies that came to my store opening emailed my husband asking about this chair…fingers crossed)

This is one of the grain sack pillows.  I have about 10- all with feather inserts…this detail really makes a difference and gives a more luxurious feel.

I painted this old wooden bread box and lined it with the polka dot linen gives it a sense of humour.  I just love polka dots!

country style chair

I have just finished six of these chairs- below is the before, quite dated and a very ugly seat.  Adding linen to the chair seat made a huge difference and of course Annie Sloan’s Country Grey really brings the carvings in the chair to life.

Linen is my “go to” fabric for all things fabric in the store- even though it is traditionally a spring or summer fabric–I love it all year round particularly in decorating

.  I am waiting on a delivery for a chair I just bought- below is its current state.

I am thinking of using the linen check and painting the wood with Annie Sloan’s Country Grey—or using the polka dot.  We will see.

So if you come across Polish linen you can be certain that it is good quality.  The manufacturers of linen in Poland pride themselves on the quality that is produced here.  It is not mass produced for giant chain stores but rather in small batches maintaining the reputation  and character that Polish people have known for generations.


6 thoughts on “Polish linen

  1. Heleen Erasmus


    I am South African and together with a friend of mine we are planning to start a linen business here in Johannesburg. We met in France on a teachers trip and were dreaming about the business ever since. Our currency is currently very weak against the euro and make importing linen from France nearly impossible.

    In a book that I am currently reading a they mentioned a fabric factory – Widzewska Manufaktura – and instantly I got the idea of Polish linen. Your blog appeared as result of my google search.. You work is beautiful and so is the fabric!

    Would you be so kind as to putting us in a direction to wholesale linen suppliers in Poland? I would also appreciate an indication of the price of linen (obviously ot varies, but a rough idea).

    With great thanks and anticipation,

    Heleen Erasmus

  2. Amy Ilic

    Hi there, I got inspired by your blog on Linen. I love the material and my grandmother has been filling my bag with it to take back to UK ever since i carried my own bag! I am half Polish and will be going there on Sunday for a few days. I would love to visit a place/factory that i could buy linen in bulk. Could you give me the details of the one you went to and any other ones please? Thank you and maybe i will visit your shop one day!

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