Design:  to plan and fashion artistically and skillfully.

Disorder: a deviation from the normal system or order.

My blog name was created to describe my personal design esthetic.  My style and tastes are very earthy.  Natural woods, natural materials and very simple shapes.  This is what I enjoy in my home.

I have a store in Warsaw, Poland where I paint furniture.  Mostly French country but not limited to.  I also paint English country, Swedish modern and everything in between.

I am surrounded by different styles and I enjoy them all.  I also like to mix and match styles.  I personally think that this is a test of a good designer- being able to mix styles and periods of furniture but still creating a cohesive look.

I try to keep the colours I choose when painting furniture suitable for the style they are.  For example, in a recent post titled “Barley Twist Chair” there is no way that chair would look good painted pink, orange or yellow.  It is important to keep this in mind when choosing colours- it should feel authentic.

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