Painting leather!

So I had a delivery of antiques and other fine things to my shop in Warsaw from Switzerland!  Very exciting- just like Christmas!!

I spy with my little eye some pretty great stuff!!

So when you get all this in one day…where to begin?

Well….I started with this:


So this is an old French chair with a leather seat and back that has a pattern pressed into the leather.

I don’t believe in painting everything.  If the wood is nice, if the condition is good and if I love it without paint then I definitely won’t paint!  But this chair needed paint.  It was sad, damaged and needed a new outlook!

I decided to use Pure&Original colour Evening Shadow.  It is a lovely light grey colour.  I cleaned the chair first- and then I painted everywhere- even the leather!


This was after one coat.  After the second coat I decided to add a little colour to highlight some of the details in the leather….which of course you can’t see in the photo!!


Anyway…this is the final result:


I did distress it a bit with sandpaper, in fact, I distressed the leather too much so I had to repaint in some spots- but luckily this is no big deal when you use P&O paints!  I also finished with a layer of white wax.  I really wanted to soften the look a bit and adding white wax does a nice job.  The details on the leather are clearer and this tired old chair has a new outlook!