Trying to get caught up

Taking a holiday when it is not the typical holiday season has its ups and downs.  Major bonus was that the crowds in the cities and places we visited were not huge.  Major downside is that I have loads of work to catch up on for those who didn’t take holidays and are waiting for their furniture to be painted!

So….I will be taking some time off from writing- just till I get caught up and organized and back to normal.

Happy painting!


I’ve been everywhere man

well, that is what it feels like anyway.

My friends came from Canada for 18 days- they just left yesterday morning at 4 am- so we are all  tired from the whirl wind trip.

Since there were eight of us and we wanted to travel together we rented an eight seater mini van to do the main part of our journey.

First stop Krakow.

This is a beautiful city in Poland- left untouched by WW2.  The old town square has its origins from the 13th century and its styles include gothic and renaissance.

These are just a few shots of the old town square in Krakow and the castle on Wawel hill.  Next stop Wieliczka salt mine and Auschwitz concentration camp.