Christmas Market

In Europe at Christmas time many cities, towns and villages hold a Christmas market.  Warsaw is no exception.  People come to set up stalls with their wares. Typically you can buy traditional foods and handicrafts- whatever the country is famous for.  In Poland when it is cold the beer and wine can be served mulled- nothing like sipping a warm, spiced beer while walking around the old town!

Here are a few photos on our journey.

This is the presidential palace with a light show lit on the elevation.

Our walk down Nowy Swiat towards the old town—notice there is no snow!!

The Bristol hotel.

Entering the old town.

Some of the market stalls with the Old Town square in the background.

Loads of people at Place Zamkowy.

However…..I still want snow!!


Quick update

It has been pretty busy in my part of the world.  I have been sewing stockings which seemed like forever and we finally had the Christmas bazaar.  All but two sold- which is cool because now I can give those to my girls’ teachers for presents- filled with goodies, of course.  The chest of drawers also sold- so I am happy about that too. We made bank for an orphanage just outside of Warsaw- which makes all the work worthwhile.

I will have a new artist display her works in the store, Laura Wasilewska,who does exceptional work- very detailed and interesting paintings. I also started a new project with a magazine website.  I will now be doing tutorials every month for such things as painting a chair and other techniques.

This is the first for Christmas- the stocking tutorial.  It is all in Polish …but you get the idea.

So my projects are on hold till after the New Year.

Some things that I will be working on will be sewing a duvet cover from Polish linen–I will do a tutorial for that but I also plan to sell custom linen duvet covers from my store.  I have found two ladies that do exceptional work- so hopefully this will be interesting for some people in my area.

I  intend to sell linen by the metre in store.  This is just an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.  Polish linen is so lovely and priced really well so I will have a few rolls to offer those who sew on their own.  I also plan to have about three or four rolls of Annie Sloan’s fabric- which ones I am not sure of yet.

Today I met with a colleague who has her ceramics displayed in my store- she is working on custom furniture knobs and now gift tags–again for the New Year.

So, this is what is happening in my part of the world.  I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season and is able to spend it with those who are important to you.

Happy Holidays everyone!

A little help

Last week a lovely girl bought a can of Annie Sloan paint from my store….however, my husband was working this day and of course he has no idea about paint or wax or anything design or decor.

So I invited her and her friend for a quick lesson.

I just bought this:

The girls, Karolina and Natalia, each painted a door in a very simple technique- paint, sand, wax and I did the rest of it.

It was painted in Coco/Old Linen and the top was painted in Amsterdam Green.

This is the result:

This piece is really interesting- great for a laptop and hiding papers and notes and all things that accumulate in a household…it has a secret!

The top flips up!  How cool is that.  Great for a student who can never keep her desk clean…(she shall remain nameless!!)

Here are some of the details:

The inside will be finished with Amy Butler wallpaper- hasn’t been glued down yet…just to give you the idea.

I think it turned out great….thanks for the help Karolina and Natalia!!