Ever heard of a “Bullet Journal”?

I am on Pinterest every single day.  For inspirations, to see what is trending in design and fashion as well as collecting recipes.  Yesterday I cam across something called a Bullet Journal.  The first time I had heard of this was yesterday and it immediately peaked my curiosity.

Let me just say that I am not a journal, diary or day planner keeper and I never have been.  I did have a day planner a few years ago that contained addresses and payments received for shipping of paint orders but when I stopped my online shop….the day planner stopped too.

I write things on pieces of paper or note books that are all over my shop.  Highly productive, I know. 🙂

So, I clicked on this link for a Bullet Journal which took me to a video which explained how to do it.


It is kind of genius, actually.  A cahier (for the Canadians out there) and a few pens and you are ready to go.

This is mine:


I have seen so many blogs that add so much detail- some of them are quite amazing!  For example:



Both of these are from http://www.sublimereflection.com.  They are amazing- but quite honestly, I don’t have time for this.  These pages are like works of art.  I paint furniture, do upholstery, sew…….I don’t need so much detail in my journal, but apparently there is something called “minimalist bullet journal”…..which is what I am going with.

I will start tomorrow.  I have just set it up, added a few items and now I have plans to be so organised!!