Swiss Army Blanket…..stool?

A few years ago I visited a friend in Switzerland and I returned to Poland with a trailer full of goodies.  Furniture, fabric, pewter as well as other lovely things.

Many things I have already sold in my shop and a few I don’t want to sell….this is nothing new for those of us the do this job 🙂

I got two Swiss army blankets, one was in good condition and the second was to do so sort of upholstery job with it because there were a few holes and the ends were frayed.  It is made from wool and horse hair and has a number embroidered on each authentic one.  I have seen a few reproductions- these are the real deal! After about two years- I finally got around to doing what I wanted to do!!

I found this retro stool- which is exactly what I was looking for.  I didn’t want country or modern.  The design of the blanket, in my mind anyway, is completely retro…..I mean 60’s style.

I removed the fabric and luckily the inside was in good shape.  It only needed an extra bit of batting to even out the shape- but everything inside was in good condition and it didn’t smell.

I started by figuring out where I wanted the stripe to be.  Once I was happy I cut the shape plus one centimetre for seam allowance.

Then I did the same for all four sides making sure to match the red stripe.

You may notice that my seams are on the outside……of course they are!  This was actually intentional. 🙂

This is how it looked once everything was sewed together……but of course I am not finished!

The next step was to do a stitch around the seams – because a blanket stitch around a blanket stool is completely logical. 🙂

To finish it off I stapled down a piece of fabric to hide the bottom.

But….I still wasn’t done.  In the above photo you can see white paint on the legs?  Any ideas where I was going with this?


Here is a close of up of the blanket stitch.  This is jute string.


And the final result!  I am really smitten with this.  I had it completed maybe a half hour when somebody was asking about it- that is a great sign…I am still trying to decide if I should take it home.  Sometimes I hate when that happens.