What I have been doing lately…


a lot of painting for a lot of different people and that is cool with me.  I have been hired to paint a kitchen- my first in Poland.  I am quite excited with this- painting kitchens in Poland is not at all common.  I am here to prove a point!  With little money and a can of paint- a whole new look can be achieved.

I am starting with these door fronts. (sorry about the blurry photo)

They are beech.  They are in good shape- just slightly dated and they kind of look cheap.  I am painting them with Old White, at the request of my client, and giving them a light distressing.

They are looking great so far!  The only problem is that I am having to do a few more coats than normal.  Usually, I am able to get excellent coverage with two coats- but for some reason I need three coats- even four with these doors.

I am nowhere near finished.  In fact I have just started.  My client came to drop off the rest of the furniture and four chairs and she was thrilled.

The other problem is that I have run out of Old White….I am down to my last pot!  I have sold three pots in the last week and I am waiting for my delivery.

This is after painting:


This is after one coat of wax and distressing:I think they will look really great when everything is completed.  Now if my paint would just hurry up and get here!



The bathroom chair

This one was tough.  It took forever and of course I forgot to take a photo from the very beginning of this project.

I have a return client who wanted me to fix up a chair that she had for her bathroom.  Nobody sat in this chair, I think it was just used for towels or to hang things from.

This is it:

Almost.  I had actually already removed the icky mint green fabric that was on the chair before- so this is its underwear.  This chair is original.  The carving details are beautiful- but there were a few poorly done repairs–including the springs which were a bit of a nightmare.

So after taking off the previous fabric and repairing the springs to the best of my ability, I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ in Paris Grey.

This was after one coat.

Paris Grey flies out of my shop.  I can’t keep it in stock.  It is quite interesting how some colours will sell while others will sit- and it varies from country to country.  What is popular in Sweden is different than in the U.K and in France.  Paris Grey has a touch of blue in it and it works well with most colours.

So after I painted with the grey- I really wanted to highlight the carvings- so I painted those with Old White then waxed and sanded with 240 grit paper.

I love how it looks–as if it always looked like this.

Next I tackled the upholstery.  Because this chair will be in the bathroom- I suggested that I upholster with a white towel- and my client absolutely agreed!  This is the first time I have upholstered with a towel…word of warning- it is a bit different than regular fabric.  There is no stretch to it and after cutting the towel there are loads of little threads that unravel.

So I stapled the towel to the seat and then to hide all the staples I applied decorative trim.

As you can see the trim is an old white colour but the towel is a very bright white.  I was a bit nervous about this combination but after looking at it for a while….I think it works.  It is a bit unconventional and unexpected–a bit whimsical.  You can also see that I still need to tidy up some of the threads….like I said- this one is taking forever.

A painted sign


I am back…to the best of my ability when summer is here!

I have loads of work, lots of clients—business is good!

I just completed a little sign for one of my lovely English clients–easy peasy!

She wanted the words Do zobaczenia on a sign so she could hang it on her gate.  Do zobaczenia means “see you” in Polish.

So I started with an old piece of wood I had lying around….doesn’t everybody have old pieces of wood lying around??  Now you know what you can do with them!!

I cut it to size then painted it Duck Egg Blue.  I just got a new stencil in the mail and wanted to try it out on this sign.  So I mixed some Duck Egg with a bit of Old White to lighten the colour slightly and then used the stencil on top of the Duck Egg to give it this effect:

Then, using tracing paper, I traced out the letters on to the sign and painted them in Old white.

I then sanded.  Normally with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ you sand after the first coat of wax.  I really wanted the painted letters to be quite faint to give the sign a more aged look so I sanded until I could see the blue through the white.  Then I waxed with clear wax, drilled two holes and then used string so it would hang.

Pretty cute, eh!  I have done quite a few of these  and they are a great way to use wood scraps.

And of course I will be using this tone on tone technique with the stencil on a piece of furniture!!  That should be coming soon…fingers crossed!