Getting caught up….

Now that summer is over and there is much less of this:

It is time to get back to the daily grind.  Back to work, back to school….back to reality.

I have a lot of back log because of holidays and also because I ran out of Old White.  I have a client who has commissioned me to paint 13 pieces of her childrens’ furniture.  All in Old White.  Yes it is uninspiring.  But I need to get it done.

The days are cooler and shorter, the farmers are busy (I live next to an area of Warsaw that has many farms) and the colours are vibrant.

So when I see something like this:


It reminds me that the days of painting everything Old White are almost finished……( I do love Old White but painting 13 big pieces of furniture can make this job seem like work  and at this moment my job doesn’t feel at all like work.)