Copper leaf….my latest obsession.

Long time!  Trying to adjust to my busier lifestyle!!  In the Annie Sloan range of products there is gold, silver and copper leaf—copper is my new obsession.

I have just recently painted a set of stacking tables with graphite and finished the edge with copper leaf and then dark wax.  If you go on my Facebook page- you can see it.

So…..smaller project but big change.

I started out with this lovely Danish modern type wooden bowl.  I think it is European oak.  As you can see the inside of the bowl is a bit worse for wear.  I love the shape of it and I love the wood but a little copper foil will give it a quick update.




The first step is to make sure that the bowl is clean and smooth because all bumps will show.  This can also be a desired effect but here I wanted it smooth.  The leaf is so thin that whatever texture is under, including grain will show through.



So I painted with gold size, which is the glue for the leaf.  I did it in sections because this can get a bit messy.

At first the gold size has a purple tinge to it but once it starts to dry it turns clear.  Simply test lightly with your finger to see if it has hardened and is sticky.  Once ready apply the leaf.



The application can be a bit fussy.  If you put a little baby powder on your hands it will prevent the leaf from sticking to your hands. So then gently lay it on the glue and with a soft bristled brush –smooth it out.  You can also crumple the foil a bit in your hands and once you apply it to the gold size it gives a bit of a different look- kind of textured.


So then keep applying the leaf and cover any spots that you have missed.  Gently brush off the excess leaf- this is really messy, all the flakey bits that are not stuck down come off.

Once you are happy with the look of it–add the wax.  On the copper leaf I really like the look of the dark wax.



The dark wax dulls the copper a bit.  I rely like this look.  A touch of luxury.  Then after about 20 minutes I buffed the dark waxed leaf so it has a bit of a shine.  I also waxed the outside of the bowl to darken a few spots that had lightened.




Once the wax cures, after about four weeks, it is possible to use this as a fruit bow.  The mineral spirits from the wax evaporate so it is safe for food.  But- of course not wet foods.  Bananas, apples etc etc are ok….but no soup 🙂

This project probably took about 30 minutes from start to finish.  Don’t worry about wobbly lines with the leaf.  You can always use a fine grit sand paper to sand off the leaf in the placed you don’t want it.

And there you go!!  Old bowl, new look, short amount of time!