About me

I am a Canadian interior designer working and living in Warsaw, Poland.  I love design.  All aspects of it- which is where the idea of this blog stems from.  Is it possible to marry different design styles and trends?  I think so.

I have my own store, it is called “Brush by MacDonald-Wlodarski”.  I paint furniture, specifically French country distressed furniture- but not limited to this style.

The funny thing is that my home doesn’t have anything French country in it- I have a mix of new and old- retro and classic with some modern.  I just love to paint furniture and I believe I am providing Polish people a different alternative to what they are used to.

So this blog will show some of my recent projects, items in my store and perhaps some of my life in Poland.

Please feel free to contact me at maluje.meble@gmail.com

See you around!!


14 thoughts on “About me

  1. hello frank here j am looking for people who can help me with finding furniture and so
    for my shop. to restyle and so maybe you now something
    can not make the time myselfe like to find a partner in this
    its for the duch market in noord holland please react

    greetings frank

  2. I’m excited to follow you! I just started chalk painting and fallen in love with Annie Sloan. That’s okay, my wife fell in love with Ethan… Ethan Allen. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing your projects and read your tips of chalk paint and waxing. UF

  3. Sue Walters

    Hi! Painting my first Annie Sloan. Its the chair fabric that has me worried. It’s red. I am using French Linen. I used a whole can, mixed with ALOT of water, and it still shows the red. I can actually see that I am making progress, but maybe its not worth it. Should I keep going, or do you think I should switch gears and just buy a darker color paint for this particular fabric. Annie’s store in Oxford seemed to think I should keep going…that was half way thru…now I am not so sure. I am here in London. What should I do? Help please.

    1. Sue, I am afraid I am not much help with painted fabric- I have never really tried it except on a small patch of fabric. But that does seem like an awful lot of paint to have used!
      Was it suggested to spray the fabric first with water- I mean from a spray bottle. Fabrics with a thicker pile will use more paint then a cotton or linen type fabric.
      I am sorry but I just don’t know how to advise you on this…

      1. Sue Walters

        Thanks so much. I called the Oxford store and they contacted Annie, answer on its way tomorrow. Thanks so much.

  4. Sarah Drozdoski Gouin

    Hello, I am also Canadian…but living in France (though of Polish descent 😉 )… Anyway- I was wondering if it were possible to contact you regarding paint purchase. Particularly I am searching to buy ‘Amsterdam Green’ chalk paint. Kind regards Sarah G

    1. Sarah, unfortunately Amsterdam green is no longer manufactured. I did hear a rumour that it might return but I don’t have any further info, unfortunately. You could mix Graphite with a touch of olive- this would probably work. Best regards!

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