The colours of Sweden

Last weekend we took the over night ferry from Gdynia to Karlskrona, Sweden.  I love everything about Sweden.  It reminds me of Canada.  Cold winters, beautiful nature and of course hockey!

We brought our bikes because I had read that Sweden is very bike friendly—which is indeed true.

We biked everywhere in Karlskrona–which isn’t difficult because it is a small town but it is spread over a few islands so we managed to take a smaller ferry to one of the islands where a fortress stands.

This part of Sweden is cottage country.  And they are gorgeous.  Waterfront properties on large lots…it would be a dream to have one!

And the colours!  I love the fact that Swedes paint their homes such vibrant colours.  They really stand out against all the greenery and certain add some colour to the long white winters.

Here is a sample of what we saw on our travels through Karlskrona.

The above photos were the view coming into the ferry port.





The above photo is the ferry leaving Sweden for Gdynia.  She was a big boat!



Because the ferry arrived at 7:30 am and check in to our hotel was at 2:00 pm- we dropped of the car and took our bikes for our first tour of the town.  Karlskrona is spread out on a few islands- it is quite lovely.


This city also has an old fortress- this is part of it.


This one is for Babcia and Nana.


The above is a neighbourhood on one of the small islands accessed by boat or bridge.


The yellow houses are stunning.  I don’t know if I could be that brave but I imagine during the long winters this colour would be a ray of sunshine.




This red cottage is my favourite photo.  In fact this colour is one of my favourite things about Sweden.  I love that the Swedish people paint their houses this bright bold colour.  It really stands out in the country side and of course when the weather is dreary.

And who doesn’t love a sunset?

The above were taken as our ferry was departing Karlskrona.  I need to go back.  The only downside was that everything, and I mean everything, was twice the price as in Poland.

I think next time we will consider camping.  We visited a campsite that looked like so much fun- mini golf, horse shoes, jacuzzi, beach, bar….everything necessary for a good holiday.

Maybe next year…..