My first commissioned piece.

This was a thrill, to say the least.  I posted on Allegro two pieces of furniture and Annie Sloan’s paint.  In Poland internet shopping is huge.  Allegro is mostly new items and it is a way of accessing the entire country with one click.

One of the pieces I put up was a sideboard that had sheet music on it.  I have seen this in a few places- there are too many sources to list- it is a bit of a trend in the blogesphere at the moment.  Miss Mustard Seed and The Decorating Diaries come to mind but I have even seen it at Pottery Barn.

Anyway, a lady in Warsaw contacted me- she had fallen in love with the sideboard, however it was too large for her space.  I told her I was waiting for a few pieces to be delivered and she picked one she liked so I painted it and finished it with the sheet music.

Here is the one she picked.

It is pretty cute.  The legs are really super and the stretcher in the centre is a nice detail.  There is also dove tail joinery in the drawers which is an added bonus.

I painted the body with Amsterdam Green and the top with Country Grey- both from Annie Sloan, and finished with the paste wax.

Not bad, eh?  I am over the moon about this piece- I have to say it is one of my favourites.

I put very slim pieces of the sheet music on the front where the panel is raised and in the corners where it is not raised.  I also finished the inside of the drawers with the sheet music.

I left the handles the same – there was nothing wrong with them and they totally suit the piece.

So now it is waiting in the store to be picked up.  The buyer said the style was a “revelation”  and is very interested in other things I may have.

I believe it is very important to credit my inspirations.  I have seen many versions of sheet music furniture and wanted to try a few pieces with it.  I don’t believe I am copying but being inspired by the original piece and giving it my own touch–I have given credit to Miss Mustard Seed and The Decorating Diaries- there are probably many more that I have seen but these two versions are what I clearly remember.


9 thoughts on “My first commissioned piece.

  1. Donna, Amsterdam Green is one of my favourites. Obviously it is quite dark but it actually seems to be more greyish blue than it is green, but it does have a slight green tinge to it. I have painted a table, a sideboard and an armoire and they all look slightly different in colour depending what is under it. It is quite close to Graphite but with the added colour.

  2. Wow – what a transformation. I don’t know how you saw what you saw in this piece, but you made it sparkle – beautiful!
    I have a large old well made wood dresser (thrift shop score:) that’s just a dark medium brown wood tone and the nice hardware and decor details are lost. I’d love to re-do it, but it is hard for me to envision the final result. I love color, but after I saw your masterpiece I’m thinking I don’t have a clue.
    I’m not sure about going two tone because I don’t want the carved detail to be lost. Would I be better off going dark up top and on the body and lighter where the carved details are? I’d really like to bring out those details and the hardware.

    Do you have any tips on how to deal with carved furniture? Hope you don’t mind me asking:) Thanks!

    1. ask away, no problem! If you want to highlight the wood details, and the wood is medium tone- you have a lot of options. I like two toned looks- I find that if you keep the top wood it really helps to highlight the distressed carvings in the body of the furniture. You could also dry brush a little bit of a lighter colour on the areas where you really want the carving details to shine through- giving it more details.

      1. Thank you:) I appreciate the feedback!
        Yes, I think I will use dry brush in a slightly lighter color to highlight the carvings. I was a bit tentative about having too much of a contrast between the body and the carvings if I use a starkly contrasting color.
        I have never used glaze before and I’m a little scared too:) – do you think I could used paste wax instead – say shoe polish to rub in some of the crevices after I painted it all?
        I am trying to avoid the flat paint look, but don’t want glossy either and thought a glaze or maybe waxing would give it all a bit more dimension.

        I am a visual person who loves color so I am not usually afraid to try out something new, but this project intimidates me more than just a little.

        So thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions!

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