Pure & Original….the colours!

Changing my shop around is a slow project, with having customers come in to buy items and also finishing up a few commission pieces–but I have had a few opportunities to test the colours of this amazing paint.

I painted a wall with the Fresco lime paint using the colour Earth Stone.  With this paint it is necessary to use a primer on the walls unless the walls are a mineral foundation- so your average home would need the wall prime first.  This is just usually one coat, applied normally like you would latex paint- with a roller.

Then, when dry,  you paint with the Fresco lime starting from the top and working your way down.  I painted my wall with the P&O brush working in a kind of cross hatch method.  When I was in Holland meeting with the owner- this was one of the techniques we did on sample boards.

A word of warning- the colour in the can is not the same as the dried paint on the walls.  I opened the can and for a second I thought I had the wrong colour because the wet paint was so dark.  Once it dried the colour was true to the colour card sample.

It is usually necessary to use two coats making sure that each coat is completely dry.  Another important issue- do not leave a wall half finished.  Once you start the wall- you definitely need to finish it otherwise you will have a line where you stopped and started.  do one complete wall then move on to the next.

The above photo on the left is during the process.  The bottom portion is just two coats of the Fresco lime but the darker top half has the Italian wax.  The photo on the right is complete but the bottom portion still has wet wax….I couldn’t wait!


This photo shows how the wall looks now- the right side has the light hitting it so it does look a bit different than the left but you can see the texture- it looks like a concrete wall.

And then the colours…..love love love.  There are so many lovely colours it is difficult to chose one…..so I didn’t!

Can a person be in love with a paint?



Some exciting things happening in my part of the world…..

I am selling a new brand of paint!  And it is amazing!!  Just like I was the first to have Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Poland- I am the first to have Pure & Original paint here too!  This paint has the most amazing, dreamy colours- making it very difficult to choose.

Pure & Original is a Dutch company that manufactures the paint in Bruges, Belgium.  (a road trip may be necessary)

If you have a moment have a look at the Pure & Original website.  You will love it.

So…..more to come in the future!