What I love about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…..

…..is its versatility.  But isn’t it just a pot of paint?  Well yes it is!  But it is a whole lot more!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a water based paint, not latex or emulsion, it has a completely different base.  And it also contains natural chalk and pigments.

If you visit www.chalkpaint.com  under the section FAQ’s is a file that you can download.  One is for Europe and the other is for North America, Australiasia and South Africa.  This is the m.s.d.s or manufacturers safety data sheet.  They have all the information that you need.

So…..what is so versatile about Chalk Paint??  Well, it is a pot of paint with endless possibilities.  Many people think that this is a “shabby chic” kind of paint.  Well, it can be.  But it is also great for modern, classical, boho, retro, rustic, shabby chic and many others!

First example:

modern orange-chalk-paint


A retro kind of mid century modern gets an easy update with Barcelona Orange!  (Visit the link to see where she uses it!!)


Second example:



Boho Chic is fun.  The colours are bright even clashing but it works well with Chalk Paint because of the vibrant colours in the pallet.  Here we have Emperors Silk and Barcelona Orange.


Third example:



This rustic table is one of Annie’s very own projects.  Because the paint can be diluted and left to thicken it is perfect for adding texture to furniture when you want to create a rustic look.


Fourth example:



Graphite on classical style furniture with a touch of gold can really change the look of a piece of furniture as well as a whole room!  (have a look at the blog to see the before)


Fifth example:



And of course white painted furniture with heavy distressing or shabby chic is a perfect technique with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

There really is no limit.

But that is just furniture!!  You can actually do more with one pot of paint.

For example:



It is possible to paint upholstery and other fabrics.  All that is needed is a paint/water mixture of 50/50.  Paint on a few coats, once completely dry simply wax it.  Once the wax cures it will start to feel like leather.

And this:

antoinettec suitcase


An old leather suitcase gets a feminine touch with Antoinette and Old White.  A touch of dark wax to highlight the texture.  Perfect storage for a little girl’s room.

And what about this:

ceramic rabbits


The lovely lady that did this explains how she painted these cute rabbits in her blog.  You have to see the before- you won’t believe it!

Not to mention this:



Chalk Paint on bricks?  No joke!  How is that for an update!!

Let’s not forget this:



Metal!  It is also possible to paint brass as well.

And then…….there is this:



You can actually dye fabrics.  Annie has done this in one of her books, but basically, add paint to water, let it sit.  Rinse and wash.

It stays.  You could set it with vinegar if you like.  But it isn’t always necessary- of course natural fabrics like cottons and linens will only work.

And then this:



Is that glass??  Why yes it is!  You can also paint glass.  Crazy, I know.


So this is why I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paints!  There are other paints that try and copy Chalk Paint, but they haven’t had any luck so far!

Some other projects I have seen painted with Chalk Paint include a driveway in Florida (no joke), a refrigerator and a car.  No, I am not kidding.

So, what are you waiting for??