Two seater sofa- a la grain sack

I found this two seater sofa:


Yes, it is hideous.  But the frame is in good shape.


So…off with the old fabric!!

I use this great staple remover which makes this job go a bit easier. And took off the old fabric and the guts of this piece- right to its bones!


IMG_7479So the  frame was in great shape as well as the webbing.  I started out by painting the frame with Primer red.  It took two coats  and then I waxed and lightly distressed to show bits of the white poking through.



Yes, that is an Annie Sloan brush.  Yes, it is expensive.  Yes, it is totally worth the price.  If you paint a lot like I do- it is worth the money.  They hold a lot of paint and are really great to use.  This one is a medium sized.  It is a bit heavy- I would suggest getting the smallest one- I find that my arm starts to tire out quickly because of the weight of it.

IMG_7485This is after one coat.  Reds are notoriously finicky to work with.  It is the nature of the pigment.  But after two coats it looked really great.


After the frame was complete—time for the guts!  The original chair had four layers of foam but I removed the top layer and added a layer of coconut husks to the base as well as a layer of batting to the top.

Then I made sure the stripe was down the centre and started stapling.






And once the fabric was stapled on I trimmed the excess.

And now I am at a stand still because I need to figure out which kind of trim I want.  I was thinking of sewing a double piping…..but that is a lot of work.  So I am still thinking.

I hope to have it done this week, fingers crossed!!