Louis chair upholstery part 1

So I have stripped everything from this chair, sanded it down and added Miss Mustard Seed white wax.  —If you haven’t tried any of the wax products from Homestead House, which is the parent company for Miss Mustard Seed and Fusion, I really recommend them.  The wax goes on like butter and there is almost no odour – unless you get the lavender scented wax.  Many waxes on the market have turpentine or a mineral spirit in the wax so that it doesn’t form a solid block- like a candle would- MMS and Fusion waxes have something in it to keep it from going solid but it is something different than the norm.  Clapham’s  is the company that makes the wax- they have a great story about their products on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.

Anyway…..back to the chair.  So white wax was applied then I left it for the night.  The next morning I started with the webbing.

I really need a pneumatic staple gun…..they really make the job a lot quicker……

I turned the chair upside down and did three rows from back to front and three rows from side to side, pulling taught with the webbing stretcher tool.  The tool is a must have- it isn’t possible to properly stretch the webbing without it.


Next I arranged the springs on the seat.  I used five springs  for this seat.  The pattern was two on the sides and one in the middle.  There are many great upholsterers that post this information on their blogs/sites so depending on the chair you may need a different pattern.

Then I sewed the springs to the webbing and then tied the springs down.

There are more ties than this- front to back, side to side and diagonally- I forgot to take a photo!

So then once the springs were all tied and secure I put a layer of hessian/ burlap on top and then filled the spaces with cotton wool.


I am thinking about an edge roll here, but I will have to make that still.  The next step below was measuring the coconut matting- which is a modern day replacement for horse hair.


This was my finishing point.

stay tuned!!



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