Why I don’t paint upholstered furniture.

I know some people do and of course that is their choice!  I don’t ever recommend that people do it, either.  If somebody asks me about the process- of course I will tell them…..dilute paint with water, spray upholstery with water, two coats of paint at the minimum…..etc. etc…..but I would never say to a customer- “oh, you should paint that!!”

This is one of the reasons why…..


I have two of these Louis XV chairs from Switzerland (the French side 🙂 ).  They are in great shape- maybe some may think all they need is a paint job to bring them back to life?  Well I removed one side of the fabric on the back piece…….and the foam had turned to dust.  You can just see it in the below photo at the bottom.  Pink coloured dust.  The arms and the back foam had disintegrated. What a mess.


After I vacuumed it all out and removed the nails (nightmare) and staples I started with the seat.IMG_1347

This was where I left it….IMG_1348

……to be continued tomorrow.  The foam has turned into something like a petrified marshmallow.  The webbing is made from rubber- like an old tire…..can you imagine if I painted this??IMG_1349

My point is–unless you know exactly what is under your fabric……don’t paint it!!  I can’t even imagine the mess and the waste of paint this would be.

If you read my blog you may have seen this chair:

Yes, I painted it……This doesn’t have any foam or anything- it is literally two pieces of embossed leather on the chair- something like this is worth painting.  For one, the leather doesn’t absorb paint like fabric does and there is no hidden insides full of dirt.

So tomorrow I continue with the teardown of the yellow Louis…then the second one.

I have plans to do a step by step tutorial for these….so stay tuned!!



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