Fusion Mineral Paint!! This is the stuff.

So I have been painting furniture for, ahem, 30 years.  I began when I was a teenager.  I started by using wall paint–you know the method…sanding, priming, painting and then lacquer….

Then I discovered chalk paint!  It was revolutionary……until it wasn’t.  The no prep paint?  Ya, no such thing.  Had me fooled too.

But….I still use chalk paint, however, I do a light sand and a clean before I paint and I always use Pure&Original- you can’t beat the quality.

And then came Fusion.  If you paint furniture then you have probably heard of this brand.  It is not a chalk paint- it is acrylic.  Similar to a water based latex paint but has a higher percentage of acrylic in it so when it cures the finish is super hard.  The best part?  No need to wax!  It has a built in top coat.  The paint line does offer glazes and waxes- but these are mostly for decorative purposes.

I mostly paint with Fusion now.  It goes on super smooth and has strong adhesive qualities.  Prep is still required -which usually means a quick go over with sandpaper to rough up the surface and then a wipe down to remove any dust or dirt.  Bleed through can still happen- just like any other paint.  There are a few products on the market that can help with this.

So…now on to my most recent project!

I bought this clock ages ago- it has been living in my garage for quite some time….finally during the January slowdown I decided to paint it.


So the clock is not an antique, as you can clearly see.  The wood is oak- nothing special.  It was lacquered but a lot of it was worn away.  I just gave it a quick sanding then wiped it down to remove the dirt build up.


Then painted.  This is a pretty great photo showing the coverage of Fusion.  It goes on super smooth too- with the help of my Cling On brush 😉 (it goes on smooth without the brush too and levels really well)IMG_1246

The above shows how great the coverage is.

The colour is Azure and the inside I painted with a white called Casement- then used the wallpaper to line the back.

Next I installed shelves which were also painted white.

And here it is!!


I know this is crazy- but seriously, what is a person to do with an old grandfather clock?


I didn’t do any distressing here.  I just wanted it to be fun.IMG_1256


I know this is a bit wacky….but I think it is really happy and bold and a great example of up cycling and thinking outside of the box…..or the clock!



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