Cling On brushes!

If you paint a lot of furniture- you will love these brushes.  Cling On brushes are manufactured by a company in Holland.  They are my brush of choice now.

So many reasons why…..

first of all they are a small company.  I mean- they are not manufactured in China -they are a niche brand.

There are five different types.  Round, oval, flat, a long handle with an angled brush(not in photo) and the new shorty.



There is also a storage bucket.

These brushes are synthetic hairs coated in teflon.  They are also held in place with resin, not glue, so no bristles fall out.  This I can attest to!  I have all types at the ready- that I use every day and no hair has ever fallen out!

Because of the teflon coating the paint just glides off the brush.  Because the hairs are long and synthetic- they leave a super smooth finish.  (paint quality helps with that too.)

Why the bucket?

Once you are finished using the brush you can hang it in water for long periods of time without worrying about damage.  It is recommended only to hang up to the cord- which is there to keep the bristles in shape.  So the next time you use it- simply run it under the tap and the paint comes off so easily.

Here is an action shot 😉


I use all of them but I think my favourite is the new shorty.  It is flat with rounded edges- which the one in the above photo.

I think you can buy these at many small business paint shops now.  The prices are not outrageous- especially when the brush should last you about five years……if not longer!



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