It looks as though I have fallen off the face of the earth!!

I didn’t…..

If you have a blog you will know how much work is involved in keeping up with it.  Especially if you just do it as a hobby and not as an income- like me!!  I guess when somebody is paying you to write a post it gives you a bit of a push??

Anyway- my last post has me explaining my move from one shop to another.  I am so happy at my new location!  It is great!

I have brought in a few new lines of paint that many are familiar with.  If you remember I started out with Annie Sloan’s paint.  I used that for a while but then decided to switch to a premium quality brand called Pure&Original from Holland.  I also sell another chalk paint called Everlong–which just changed its name……to Sarah Jayne’s maybe?  Anyway- just selling of my existing stock of that brand.

I also started selling Fusion Mineral paint from Canada!  Yeah, Canada!!  This is an acrylic paint that is manufactured by Homestead House from Toronto.  IT is my new love!!  I also sell Miss Mustard Seed milk paint which is also manufactured by Homestead  House.  I am sure everybody has seen her blog!

So I have three types of paint now- which is amazing because I don’t believe that one paint can do everything……For example- if you want authentic chippy furniture- Mustard Seed is the brand to use…  If you want a super smooth finish then I will always recommend Fusion.  If you want to add a decorative finish then go with the chalk paint…..this is just my general rule- others may have different opinions 🙂

So….let’s see.  Here are a few photos.  This is Mustard Seed.

This is Fusion.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.22.52 AM26815530_1645170098862141_415350748286796526_n21430437_1522431344469351_1325580680044413370_n20882285_1504150636297422_5105141632200016982_n

I haven’t painted a lot with Mustard Seed- I did just finish a very large cabinet that I painted pink for my shop- I am very happy with it.  I love the look and surprisingly enough there are quite a few techniques that can be done with milk paint.

There are also waxes, top coats and a hemp oil as well as metallic paints and waxes……I think I am forgetting something!!

Anyway… this keeps me busy!



2 thoughts on “It looks as though I have fallen off the face of the earth!!

  1. Are you selling the paints on line or just in your shop?
    The metallic gold you show with the black which I believe is Fusion, how many coats of the metallic did you use?

    1. Hi! You can buy online – visit to see the closest seller to you. I am in Poland- so you can probably find somebody closer to you. I hear they also sell on Amazon. The metallic took two coats on the black. Champagne metallic will usually take three but you can help it a bit by painting a beige under coat 🙂

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