Pure & Original paint factory visit

A few months ago I was in Brugges, Belgium.  If you ever get the chance….it is an amazing city.  French fries, beer and chocolate- what could be better!!  Actually, the architecture is pretty great too.


These are just two of the photos I took while in Brugges.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the factory where Pure & Original paint is manufactured.  I really like this sort of thing….being able to see how things come to fruition.

The factory in Belgium has been run under the same family for over 75 years.  Their focus is on quality, using the best ingredients and 100% natural pigments.

Here are some photos of the inside and the people who manufacture this amazing paint. (these photos are the property of Pure&Original- I have permission to use them)


Adding, mixing, measuring…..everything has to be perfect.

This is the manufacturing process for the natural bristle brushes.  Definitely not made in China.

In the near future I have plans to paint my house using Fresco…..and give step by step instructions of what I did.  My youngest daughter is tired of her pink bedroom.  🙂



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