a touch of gold!


I started with this well made little table.  It is a knock off of a French Empire table which modelled the design of the legs after ancient Greek columns.  I see this as more of a masculine design style….Napoleonic.IMG_1175

So….I took inspiration from Napoleon and of course the most logical colours are dark blue and gold.

From the Pure&Original colour pallet I chose Steel Blue, which is a lovely navy blue with a hint of grey in it.


I painted two coats of this colour.  I love how smooth this paint goes on and the coverage is really super. So the next logical step is the gold.

The gold leaf/transfer is applied quite easily.  First the glue (gold size) is applied in the places where you want the gold to be- I chose the detail around the apron of the table and the flower detail on the legs. Once the glue is clear and tacky then you can apply the transfer

This step is almost therapeutic!  Carefully lay the gold transfer (make sure you have the correct side) and then with a brush, brush over where the glue was then peel off to reveal the gold.

Once the glue has dried it is time to apply either wax, oil soap or eco sealer.  For this project I used P&O Italian Gloss wax.  It isn’t really glossy but when dried it can be buffed to a shine.  This is also meant to be used on the Fresco lime wall paint and the Marrakesh wall paint as a protectant.

I have  written previously about how much I love this wax.  It is a liquid and it goes on so easily.  Brush it on evenly then wait to dry.


This photo shows how the wet wax looks after the application.  I let this dry overnight, only because it was the end of day in my shop, but the next morning I buffed it with a soft cloth.


It has a slight sheen to it and I think the gold is just enough.  It is quite Napoleonic, don’t you think?

I haven’t found a colour I haven’t liked in the Pure&Original pallet.  And this is just furniture!  Imagine how this colour would look on the walls……




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