So, I bought a set of nesting tables.

One thing I love about having my own shop/studio is that I am able to enjoy many different styles of furniture.  My own personal style is a bit of a mish mash with pieces from a few different eras but primarily retro.  My house is always a work in progress and I am not afraid to experiment.

These set of three nesting tables are not old.  They have a nice cabriole leg which was popular in many French, English and Dutch design styles.  Basically a cabriole leg has two curves- an upper convex curve and a lower concave.  Often the feet have a claw or some other sort of embellishment. And this table has a lovely scalloped edge top.


From the Pure & Original colour palette I used three separate colours- a dark, a medium and a light, all from the blue family.  This is the first coat of the darkest colour, Polar Blue, on the largest table.IMG_1089

The next colour on the medium sized table is Blue Reef and the last colour is Lagoon Water, on the smallest table- not pictured.IMG_1090

Polar Blue, Blue Reef and Lagoon WaterIMG_1091

Each table was painted with two coats.  With Pure & Original Classico Chalk Paint it is not necessary to prepare paint surface- this all natural paint has very strong adhesive properties- like other chalk paints.

But I didn’t stop there!  I wanted to make these tables a bit more interesting!  If you have been on Pinterest, blogs or read any design magazines, you will notice that dipped furniture is quite trendy.  Basically, the concept is to paint a piece of furniture so that it looks as though it was dipped into a pot of paint.  This was what I wanted to do- but not with paint- with silver leaf!

This was how the tables looked after two coats of each colour.


Then I measured 14 cm from the tip on the large table, 12 cm from the medium and 10 on the small.  I applied the glue for the silver leaf and when it was tacky I used a soft brush to cover the glue with the leaf and then smooth it out.IMG_1098IMG_1099

Then the final step was the application of the Italian wax- which can be done with a brush, cloth or sponge.  This is a liquid wax and very easy to apply.  It also has very little odour.

Here is the final result!


I must say that I am thrilled with these.  They are not my style but I have fallen in love with them.  I love how smooth they look and the silver on the feet is a bit of fun.



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