I guess I like patchwork?

I bought this chair from a lovely lady who lives close to the German border and often goes brocanting to all the second hand shops and flea markets.  It arrived to my house slightly broken- the top portion of the back had already been repaired by a previous owner and during transport it had cracked again.


The above photo is how it looked after I had sanded off old glue, re glued and then filed in the cracks then sanded smooth.  You can see the old springs that were added later.  I kind of figured this chair is more for decoration- you can use it, of course, but it isn’t the most comfortable, which is probably how the back was originally damaged- leaning too far back…..this is a formal chair!

I decided on the colour Dried Clay from the Pure&Original colour palette.  If you haven’t tried this paint….it is magical.  It goes on so smoothly and levels like a dream.  There are a few options to finish this- you can leave it as is for a matte finish, you can apply “eco sealer”, “lime soap” or “Italian gloss wax”.

The eco sealer is basically a non yellowing lacquer that dries to a dead flat finish.  The lime soap is more or less linseed oil (it smells amazing) and the Italian gloss wax is a liquid wax that can be buffed to a shine once dry.


From the left we have the wax, then the sealer in the middle and the right is the soap. All three of these finishes are used on the the Marrakesh walls, Fresco lime paint and the Classico chalk paint depending on where or what you paint.



the repair…


This is where I am trying to figure out the layout of the patchwork to bring home to sew, once I was happy with the order I then marked on the back so I wouldn’t forget 🙂


After second coat and light distressing on the edges.


The liquid wax- it can be applied with a brush, sponge or cloth.  This wax is the easiest wax I have ever used and it buffs to a lovely shine.


After wax application- still wet.  It usually takes about 20 minutes to dry.

The above photos is the sewing process.  Basically I sewed three rows of fabric and then sewed the rows into a large square.


Upholstering a chair seat is a good starting point for anybody that is interested because it is relatively easy.  Lay down the fabric then staple a few in the front and a few in the back to keep it from sliding, then staple until about 10 cm away from corner.IMG_1027-2

I like to finish my corners like this, some people do a fold over- whatever works for you!


So then once it is stapled all the way around and there are no  bumps or puckering where you don’t want it, cut very close to the staples all the way around.


And then, of course, we need to hide the staples – I usually do this with hot glue and decorative trim.


The finished chair!IMG_1033-2

A closer look at the patchwork.  All the material is linen with the exception of the mattress ticking which is cotton.


Looks nice agains the Fresco lime paint wall, doesn’t it!!  If you have read my blog before you will have seen that I have done a patchwork slipcover using linen as well.  I just love it and it is a great way of using up any extra scraps of fabric that you can’t seem to throw away 😉



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