Rustic Duck Egg Blue!

Duck Egg Blue is one of the colours on the pallet that works with so many styles.  It is a greyed down bluish greenish greyish colour that has loads of possibilities!

I got this table for free…..well sort of free.  I bought a table and two side tables from a seller of German and Dutch used furniture and I paid too much for shipping so he threw in this table.

IMG_1630 It is just a regular pine table.  Nothing special- lovely turned legs!

I painted with one coat of Duck Egg Blue.  Just one coat!

Then I added some stencils on the apron.

IMG_1634 IMG_1635

I continued around all sides then sanded lightly so the details were a bit faded.


Next step was the legs!  I clear wax first, distressed with 180 paper then added dark wax.

IMG_1637 IMG_1638

Of course I didn’t stop there!  On to the table top!

IMG_1640 You can see grease marks or similar bleeding through the paint.  There is no way of telling if this will happen.  Crap shoot, really.  If it does happen it can usually be fixed by sealing in the stain with lacquer or shellac then painting again.  I live on the edge so I just left it and added clear wax.IMG_1641 Then I added a touch of dark wax to give it more of an aged rustic look.  If you are not used to adding dark wax- it can be a bit fussy on lighter colours.  Getting the wax perfectly even can be difficult but if there are places on your piece of furniture that are darker or blotchy, simply wipe over it with a bit of clear wax and it will lighten the dark.

And this is the result:

IMG_1643 IMG_1648

So if you are looking at my photos and wondered what happened… was the white balance in my camera.  In the first photos I had it set on auto white balance and it was reading the light wrong.  The last four I switched the white balance to tungsten and the colours are more clear and true……lesson learned- sometimes auto settings are not the best!

fIMG_1662 IMG_1663

Close up of the details, wax and distressing.  Those grease marks are barely visible and actually add a little authenticity!

IMG_1664 IMG_1665The stencil has been sanded like I did on the apron- just so it is faded and the lines are blurred.

If you want to try a different colour besides white- I recommend Duck Egg Blue.  It compliments many others in the Chalk Paint pallet and is flexible enough to use in a few different furniture styles.



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