Pretty in Pink!

Watched that movie hundreds of times, I am certain!

I have been trying some new techniques and some new colours lately- I can’t say it enough- this one tin of paint offers so many possibilities!

2015 is going to be a great year for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Poland.  Most notably the most recent “Painter in Residence” is from Poland.

This is her—–>

She was one of my first customers when I started this Chalk Paint journey almost four years ago.  Her style is really rustic, really flakey and chippy and so far the paint world is reacting positively to her work.

We also have one of Annie’s books “Colour recipes” being printed in Polish….actually they have been already printed and are sitting on a pallet in either Holland or England—waiting for me!!  And also….Annie is planning a trip to Poland in November!

So…..using Agnieszka as inspiration I have painted a “chippy” piece.  This is a very popular look with milk paint- the only thing is that with milk paint there is little or no control with where the paint chips off.  For some painters this is part of the charm but I wanted to control the chippy!

I started with two of these cute bedside tables.  Typical western Europe reproduction furniture.


My first step was to paint with the colour Henrietta.  This is a strong pinky colour with a hint of violet.


Then I painted a second coat of Antoinette–a very pinky feminine colour.


While the paint was still wet I then added in some areas the colour Scandinavian Pink to give it some lowlights and dimension.

IMG_1612   IMG_1613

I put the Scandinavian Pink in areas that I thought needed some contrast- then with more Antoinette I blended it together so that it quite a soft contrast.

IMG_1614 IMG_1615

The next step was the distressing- I used this tool and scraped off the paint on the edges.

IMG_1616   IMG_1617

I also dry sanded….sanded before waxing.  I don’t usually do this…for obvious reasons- this is the dust in the below photo!  I usually sand after waxing-there is less dust and it creates an authentic aged look, but this time I really wanted to thin the layer of paint so I used a high grade sand paper to softly get to the wood.

IMG_1619 IMG_1620

I has been scraped and sanded and chipped …..sounds like a day at the spa.

This is the final result:

IMG_1622 But she has to be staged….of course it is a she!IMG_1623 IMG_1626 Some of the detailed distressing:IMG_1627 IMG_1628      IMG_1629

There are three different pinks on this.  It isn’t quite clear in the photos but the Henrietta under the Antoinette just lightly peeks through giving it a bit of dimension.



One thought on “Pretty in Pink!

  1. gabrielle

    Oh, and she’s blushing! Very pretty!

    Can’t tell you how fresh a ‘typical western European reproduction’ looks after wading through cartloads of ‘American Colonial’. Sometimes I just can’t believe people bought this first-hand!

    Congrats on all the Poland art happenings. Hooray!


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