I am not a decoupager…..

But I am willing to try anything.  Actually, I do glue things onto furniture but it isn’t small bits of flowers or other things like that, I prefer more graphic things like sheet music or maps…..or knitting patterns!!

This side table has been kicking around my shop for a few years.  I can’t sell it.  It has been painted a few colours and distressed with the hopes of catching somebodies eye….but unfortunately no takers!  Its most recent colour is French Linen.  Lovely colour.


I am always searching for interesting unusual bits of history–and then I found these!  Knitting patterns from 1974 Poland.  So fun.  I love everything about them.


And then a lightbulb went off in my head….what if I decoupaged the pattern photo in the frame of the side table?  I am not losing anything by trying…..


The blue heading is on one side and the yellowish is on the other.


And then I took inspiration from the patterned cardigan- which I am sure my Nana knit me one similar when I was a kid.


I have a few stencil patterns that I have been wanting to try- so I started with the largest one int the middle–kind of an argyllsh knitting sort of look to it…..perhaps. I used the colour Graphite to compliment the image.


Then I taped off some borders- much like the look of the sweater.


And then I just kept stencilling until it resembled the style of the sweater in the picture.


And then…..

I thought it could use a bit of Graphite


So this is where I am now.  It isn’t finished but it should be this week.  I am still playing with it to see what I come up with.  I do know this isn’t style isn’t for everyone….and that is OK–sometime an odd or quirky piece added to a room can really bring out the personality of the people living there.

Which is ultimately my goal.  I want my house to reflect me and my family–not be a carbon copy of my neighbours!!



3 thoughts on “I am not a decoupager…..

  1. gabrielle

    You know, there was ‘something’ about knitting patterns from the ’70s – even back then, I felt it. Even with macramé plant-hangers and granny-square vests and all the DIY that women took up at the time, there was still a bit of ‘1950’ that still hadn’t been shaken off of those patterns. Oh, men had their models and engines and rockets – it was all so ‘of-the-time’. But for women (despite the roar), if you wanted to CREATE something, you had to look back thru the past, underneath the polyester and plastic and mod wigs, and relive a time of waldorf salad, bridge mix & social graces with the girls. You had to enter a fading world and acknowledge it, just to figure out HOW to cast ON!

    Every time I come upon one of the patterns I struggled over as a teen at auction or thrift store, I feel it INSTANTLY – every photo and typeface still emblazoned in my mind. The model’s make-up face is a mixture made of what I dreamed to be possible and what I was determined to shake off in the process.

    Enjoy your moments of synergy with your side-table. There is really nothing more wonderful, is there!?

  2. Gillian Yeoman

    You’re so right about Nana knitting sweaters just like this. She would have loved your little table!!!

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