the paint is….bleeding?

Yes.  This can happen with some of the colours that have very deep pigments- for example, Emperor’s silk, Burgundy and Florence.

But it can work for you!

I came across these cabinet doors with great carvings and had to scoop them up.



I immediately thought about doing the two colour technique with the darker colour under a lighter colour.  My first choice as the base coat was supposed to be Provence…..but I couldn’t twist the cap open on my sample pot….so my next selection was Florence.  Lovely bold colour.  Highly saturated and by adding any of the whites in any amount it is possible to mix this lighter.


So I painted the first coat with Florence and the second with Country Grey.


And you can see where the Florence kind of bled through into the Country Grey.  Which is what I wanted.  ***tip***  If you don’t want this to happen- you want to only see Country Grey  after the first coat of Florence apply a thin layer of wax.  This will prevent the colour from bleeding through……on everything except Emperor’s Silk with the whites.  They just turn into a hot pink mess.


Then I waxed and distressed a bit with 180 grit sandpaper and as a final touch I added dark wax.


Here is a comparison without the dark wax:


And here is the final result:



If you were wondering how much paint I used for both these doors…..I used for each colour, both doors- less than half of a sample pot- and that is 100mls.



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