Chipped distressed finish!

I found a really great table:



A table like this has so many possibilities!  It is a reproduction piece based on furniture that was available in Poland between WW1 and WW2, but painted up it could work in so many styles.

,… I have a cherry blossom stencil and I was thinking about doing something with a bit of Asian influence.  I found a really beautiful inspiration picture where the base was a creamy yellow and the drawers were red.  So I thought I would give it a try.


That was as far as I got before I decided that I didn’t like it all.  I am fortunate to have all colours in the Annie Sloan pallet at my disposal.  So I reached for the Scandinavian pink.  This isn’t any of my “go to” colours.  I have to say I love all of the colours on the pallet, there are so many possibilities.  This colour, in my mind, is a really rustic, primitive colour.  It has more style than the dusty rose of the early 90’s- but I thought this table would be great.


And of course it needed to be distressed!

But, I tried something a bit different this time.  A few months ago I was in France for a stockist conference and a few of us drove from Paris to Dinard…..and of course we talked about paint for the whole trip!  One of the ladies from Sweden was telling us how a client of hers did this really interesting technique by lightly taping something with a sharp edge on the edges of the furniture so that the paint chipped off.

There are endless possibilities with Chalk Paint but getting the paint to naturally chip off like a milk paint would- doesn’t really work because it adheres so well to many surfaces.  I have seen a chipped look achieved by putting petroleum gel on first- but this seemed a bit messy to me….and I didn’t have any at my shop to try!!

So I found something with a straight edge and I lightly chipped away at the paint on the edges.



This is how it looked after I added clear wax.  You can see bits of the yellow peeking through the chipped off Scandinavian pink.






I should mention that I did the scraping before I waxed.  I just figured that it would be easier for the paint to chip off if it hadn’t already absorbed wax.  There was a bit of dust with this but I like how it turned out.



2 thoughts on “Chipped distressed finish!

  1. You did a lovely job! I was thinking though from your pictures it looks like it is oak? Maybe doing a limed oak look would also have been great! But you did a great job there!!!

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