Tinted wax

Did you know that it is possible to add colour to your clear wax?  Of course you did!!

Last month we drove to Switzerland for a little skiing and a little brocanting…..guess which one I did?

While I was there….I found this chair:

IMG_1485         IMG_1486

It is solid oak and really heavy.  I actually debated whether or not to paint this…..

First step was to remove the old green fabric.



The moment I saw this chair I new I wanted to upholster it with the Peking fabric from the Annie Sloan fabric collection.  It is a beautiful thick linen that is perfect for upholstery, curtains, blinds and pillows.  The base colour is a beigy oatmeal colour and the blue is a lovely deep bluish violet.  It is one of my favourites.

As I wrote earlier, I debated about painting this.  It does have some scratches and dings in it but it is in great shape- it would still work with the wood and fabric combination but I really wanted to give this chair an update.

I decided on Country Grey as the base colour.  This is a true beige with no yellow to it.

I painted the frame two coats and wanted to give it a little extra….so I tinted the wax!


I have written about this before.  Annie Sloan soft wax comes in clear or dark- which is a dark brown. But it is possible to add a spoonful of any paint colour to the clear to create a different patina.  For example, adding a spoonful of Graphite to clear wax then applying it to any of the whites creates a completely different effect than the dark wax.  Try it and you will see!!

I wanted to add a touch of blue to the chair- just a subtle hint of colour so I added a spoonful of Old Violet to the clear wax and mixed it up then I applied it to the chair with an old brush.



You can see that the Old Violet gives a subtle tint to the Country Grey.  It is a really nice look.



Once the chair was painted and waxed I then started on the upholstery.  Today I managed to get most of the seat completed.  Tomorrow I start on the back.  I am also undecided how to finish the edges- with double piping or a decorative edging…..I am leaning towards the piping!



The completed chair will soon follow!



4 thoughts on “Tinted wax

  1. gabrielle

    Piping, most def. The “outline” that it creates will mirror the outline found in the bones of the chair.
    Thanks for the great post!

  2. This is looking fantastic and you wax alteration is nothing short of genius ! I also think the fabric choice is a winner too – BUT! I didn’t know Annie Sloan did fabric so thank you for that.

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