Old Linen and new linen.

If you are familiar with Chalk Paint you will know that the European countries have a few colours not on the North American palette.  Original is one of them.  I even used to have a few different colours than  England because there used to be a factory in Belgium that made the paint for mainland Europe.  The factory in Belgium has since closed so now all of us in Europe get our paint from Oxford.  But I still have a few pots of paint from the old factory.  Old Linen is one of them.

This is a great colour.  It is a darker version of Country Grey.  I thought this style of chair would be super in Old Linen.  Of course it is a reproduction with a mixture of styles–just in need of an update.



So my little helper got to work with the brush.



Two coats of Old Linen hid the orangey oak colour.


While the chair was drying I removed the staples on the chair seat using this great tool.  It makes life so much easier.


And then once the old fabric was taken off I replaced it with this gorgeous new Polish linen that has a vintagey grain sack feel to it.


While my little helper did the waxing!

I then lightly distressed with 150 grit sandpaper added another coat of wax….and this is the final result!!









The shape of the chair is more apparent now- even showing the cute scrolling at the bottom–and most importantly hiding the awful orangey colour of the oak.


6 thoughts on “Old Linen and new linen.

    1. thanks! this isn’t actually staying in my house!! It is going to my shop….if you can imagine my style is not French country it is actually a more modern/retro style, but lucky for me I have a place where I can paint furniture in any style!!

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