Colouring your wax!

A really great thing about using Annie Sloan products is the flexibility there is when painting.  This is a perfect example!!

Annie Sloan Soft Wax comes in clear and dark.  The dark is very dark brown and I normally use it when I want to give a piece an aged patina or something similar.

But what if you want to white wash a piece or create a verdigris effect?

Did you know it is possible to add Chalk Paint to your wax and then apply to dry paint?

Just think of the possibilities!

This is a table I painted a while ago.  It started out pretty sad looking but the legs are quite nice!




I painted the legs and apron with the colour Graphite.IMG_6534

And then I thought it might be interesting to mix a spoonful of Paris Grey into the clear wax.



And then I applied the wax to the legs.


I did like this a lot but I thought the colour was a bit flat.

So then I mixed some Monet Blue with clear wax.


And applied this on top.



Then I gave it a light distressing to highlight the shape a bit as well as giving it a buff.  This gave it a bit of a kick!  I am trying to figure out what it looks like- maybe pewter or a metal?  I like it a lot.  I don’t have a photo of the full piece but I also did the coloured wax on the top- It has a base of white and then the blue and grey waxes on top.

This technique is really great if you want to white wash something.  Now there is no need to buy white wax- you can simply add a spoonful of Old White to clear wax.  Or perhaps you would like to create a patina that isn’t brown but more grey?  Add some Graphite to the wax.  I have painted a verdigris effect before by adding Antibes to clear wax.  It  can also be done with Provence or Florence.

Hopefully this will tempt you to try something you may never have thought possible!


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