My last pot of Amsterdam Green and the project that wouldn’t end.

I am trying to make a dent in the pile of furniture that is in my garage.  It is slow going.  A while ago I bought this blanket box.

Super cheap.

I was really looking forward to this.  I bought a very cute matrioshka doll stencil that I have been dying to use and thought this box would be perfect.


I wanted the box to be quite dark but the existing paint is in such a mess so I repainted with Graphite.  And then this happened.

IMG_6458  IMG_6459
So….no problem, I know what to do.  I paint over the mess in clear lacquer to seal in all of the spots and repaint in Graphite.  And the mess stayed the same.  I even tried dark wax and it didn’t work–which will normally hides most imperfections.



And then I remembered that I am one of the last stockists to have the colour Amsterdam Green.  It is the darkest colour on the pallet.  It is actually my favourite colour to use.  And unfortunately it is not in production anymore.  My distributor doesn’t have any either….but I have one final pot!!  (there is a rumour that this colour will be put into production again!)


And I paint over the Graphite with the Amsterdam Green.  And it worked!  It isn’t perfect but it works.  The spots are barely visible on the dark colour.  Yeah!  Now I can get on with it!
So my next step was doing the stencil on the box.  It is quite cute- can be folky or can even be a modern retro style depending on the colours you choose.  I wanted to keep it quite simple but pretty bold.

So I did the stencil in Original, which is only available in Europe.  It is a soft white with a touch of yellow.  I actually picked this white because the Boleslawiec knob that I put on there was a perfect match.



And the stencil wasn’t easy either.  First I tried a stencil brush which leaked paint into all the tiny spaces.  Then I tried a roller which also made a mess.  And then lastly I tried a sponge stencil brush which worked really well except that it looked like I sponged it on.  I thought I would deal with that later, because getting the stencil on was most important.  So I did the majority of the stencil with Original and then taking inspiration from the knob I painted the flower on her body in blue and green.



And I didn’t like it.  I wanted it to be more simple.  So sanded off the flower and then repainted and did a flower on top in Amsterdam Green.

And this is the final result: (after three days)

IMG_6490  IMG_6494


As you can see I also repeated the flower detail to give it a Polish folklore feel.  I am thrilled with this box.  I would love to try this stencil again on a white background so I can use really bold bright colours.  I sanded the stencils down slightly so that the sponge marks were not so visible.  Also, most importantly, after I waxed the spots and spills were barely visible.




7 thoughts on “My last pot of Amsterdam Green and the project that wouldn’t end.

  1. Carisse

    I love the Amsterdam Green…please let us know if it goes back into production! Great job…perfect colour choices…:)

  2. Gloria

    I don’t normally post my opinions on blogs I follow but I must say this chest turned out amazing. Good for you to stay with it until finished. It would have been so easy to put it back in the stash. Love it.

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