Finished brown table

So here is the end result!





I had a hard time taking photos of this.  I forgot my tripod and today was a pretty dull grey Warsaw day.  The table is actually a bit darker than this- more like dark chocolate.

It really suits the style of my clients house….had it been my choice I would have painted the table in Graphite and finished with dark wax.  I don’t think a light colour would work with the claw feet.

I still have the same opinion about painting furniture brown…..I like wood- if I want brown I would stain and varnish it.  But it isn’t my table!!



8 thoughts on “Finished brown table

  1. Robin G

    I agree. It looks really nice, but I would not have wanted brown. That being said, I kind of like the look of the chalk paint before it is waxed. The matte finish has an intentional look that makes it not look like its trying to mimic wood. I have found that with colors I have used. Is there any way to finish a piece and keep it matte, while still protecting the finish?

    1. Robin, there is an Annie Sloan lacquer that gives a matte finish but it is not totally matte like it is with paint only.
      One of my painty colleagues has a client who only uses Chalk Paint without the wax because she likes the look. I am on the fence because it seems to show every little scratch. Maybe if you wanted a chippy look it would work better–so the scratches would seem part of the finished look. It is worth experimenting though!

  2. I agree, the brown finish is a desired taste I suppose but it has turned out well and if your customer is happy that’s all that matters, I too would have done it in Graphite with a tonal touch, but I’m not sure on the one about leaving the wax off a piece as if paint does lift it might look a million miles from an aged chippy look.

      1. Robin G

        I absolutely love seeing what you and others do. It’s inspiring, if not humbling. You are so creative and talented! Thanks so much for your inspiration and advice!!!!😘

  3. I am so glad your email arrived today. I love inspirational sharing that many do online. I also love the ability to be able that we can share across the divide of ocean from one country to another. I have been painting furniture for months and learning as I go. I value highly when one takes the time to share of success and failure along with inspiration.
    I share that I have gone out here in my area of Texas to see how others use chalk paint, regular paint etc on furniture. I am amazed with finding pieces that are lack luster and uninspiring. I would would love to have a client say” let it speak to you”! You can feel this as the energy comes to you of the part the piece needs/wants or we are inspired to paint it. It is hard to know/realize that many people have no idea what or how they can transform something so simple as this table into art. Ah, to bad for them as this has such potential to be awesome in a room. I can relate to how you feel as the painter. Just remember you have the ability to offer suggestions and to inspire others and do an awesome job at it I might say. Rock on with your creative soul and stay brilliant!!
    My best your way,

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