Colour Theory!

One of my favourite classes in college was colour theory in interior design.  Basically everything about colour has been arranged according to the colour wheel which was created  by Sir Isaac Newton in the 1700’s.  We have come along way since then but the theory still remains.

So I have put #chalkpaint to the test.  I have started with the three primary colours: English Yellow, Monet Blue and Emperor’s Silk.


I then mixed each primary colour together to get secondary colours.


From this point I mixed one primary with one secondary to get tertiary colours.


From this arrangement we have what are known as “colour schemes” which are basically how different colours react to each other when grouped together.

And of course we can decorate using these colour schemes.  Some examples include Complementary, Analogous and Monochromatic…just to name a few!

It really is worth diving into colour theory.  It is an art form as well as a science and effects our emotions and how we live.




2 thoughts on “Colour Theory!

    1. Nancy, I wish there was an easy answer for this. They actually all work together but not at equal strength. For example, the complimentary colour scheme, which is two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel- will work well if you have one dark and one light. So if you had a very dark red and paired it with a light green the colours will compliment each other and bring out the best in both. Having two colours of equal strength is difficult unless you bring in a third colour of a different strength. In a nutshell when I am painting furniture with more than one colour I try to pair a light with a dark to add interest and contrast.

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