One pot of paint.

One pot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ to be specific.

Expensive?  Well, compared to normal latex or oil sold by the litre or quart perhaps it is.

But then again, you don’t have to take off the existing finish with either sand paper or chemical peeler.

And that to me is worth its weight in gold.  Not to mention the drying time is short and the paint doesn’t need to “cure” so once dry you can paint straight away a second coat.

Well, how many pieces can you paint with it??  On my pots it says 13  square metres.

Let’s see.

I have been painting on site at the house of one of my lovely Dutch clients….who is on her way to Africa for their next placement-  so I have been trying to get everything painted for them before the movers arrive.

I started with one can of Original white.

And this is what I painted:


Two coats (I did also paint the feet!) on the above piece.  I didn’t paint the inside, though.


Two coats on the above including inside the doors.


And one coat with a second coat on about half of this. (I didn’t paint the interior)

Not bad, eh!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is thick.  It is supposed to be as it has many uses.  From colour washes to impasto–it is an extremely flexible paint.

So one pot of paint mixed with water every so often will paint about this much.  The colour of the wood was a medium pine- so quite possibly if your original wood colour is dark you may have to paint more coats to cover if you are using a light colour paint.

I think the price of the paint is worth it, don’t you?



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