the chair continued…

Almost finished!  I have one minor detail to finish up but it is pretty much complete!

So I went to the upholstery wholesalers and picked up some lovely stuff needed.  Namely springs.  And then away I went.

I am not an expert so I wouldn’t do a tutorial on this, the experts usually post their techniques on youtube or similar so we can all be in awe of their mad skills!

First I installed the springs and tied them down.


This is the fussiest part.  They need to be tied down in all directions including the diagonal.  The also need to be fixed to the webbing.IMG_5906

So once that part is complete the experts usually add a layer of muslin to keep everything in place.  I skipped this step on purpose.  There is limited staple space on this chair and I needed to use it wisely.  So my next step was a layer of coconut.  Yes coconut.  Old school is horse hair but coconut is, in my opinion a bit better.  It is thicker.  And then I softened the edges with batting.IMG_5907

There is also a full layer of batting on top of the coconut husks and then a layer of felt.  Then on top of that is another layer of batting.IMG_5908

Then the fabric was stapled down.



The next step after all the stapling is to trim off the excess.  Then I hot glue trim to hide the staples.


I just notice now looking at the photos that the trim looks a bit wonky!  In person it isn’t so apparent.  And luckily it kind of adds to the shabby/imperfect feel of the chair.IMG_5913




And that is all there is to it!  I am by no means a star with the upholstery but this is a medium difficulty project and there are loads of videos out there on the web to talk you through it.  The last step is covering the seat webbing with a piece of fabric to hide all the insides.



One thought on “the chair continued…

  1. Paula Lusk

    Sherri- your chair turned out awesome! The spring work you did looks like a lot of work and broken fingernails, lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings Paula Lusk

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