Working on a Louis chair

This is my current project….not quite done, as you can see!  I am at a stand still until tomorrow morning.  I will be heading out bright and early to the other side of Warsaw to pick up some springs and other necessary materials for small upholstery projects.


This chair has actually been sitting in my shop for a very long time.  I bought it and striped the fabric and other inside materials out but was disappointed to find that somebody did a half hearted repair.  There were no springs in the seat just layers of foam.  So I painted it up and had the idea of hanging it on the outside of my shop but my carpenter, who thinks I am a little crazy, didn’t think it was a good idea.

Then last week it was spied by an Irish lady who bought it.  She chose the  linen fabric from a pile I have and away I went.  The top portion was not hard- a layer of cardboard and a layer of foam between fabric—the seat is the problem.  It needs springs and normally when I have a chair like this I reuse the old “guts” of the chair…..but the “guts” of this chair were removed.

It does have nice details in the carvings and a simple distressing really highlights this.  The colour is country grey finished with clear wax.





On my upholstery shopping list is trim to hide the staples, webbing for the seat, springs, a natural fiber layer (coconut) and probably some string.

Hopefully tomorrow this lovely little chair will be done.

Fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “Working on a Louis chair

  1. Paula Lusk

    I have 2 of these chairs. I have plans to reupholster 1 or both. I really like your fabric choice. I don’t usually have a problem picking fabric, but, I bought a new sofa and a chair that have distinct pattens, your choice has really caught my attention.
    Thanks for sharing. Blessings Paula Lusk

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