So you are getting your garden ready for the new summer season and….

….the outdoor furniture looks a little bit like this:




Come on, admit it—we all have  a few pieces that look like this!  I never bring our garden furniture in during the winter, I am not embarrassed to say.  Our garage just isn’t big enough.  I suppose, however, we could buy a cover…..I will think about it at the end of the summer 😉

One of the amazing things about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ is that you can use it outside.  Really!  So in this particular chair I just sanded and scraped any of the old bits that were coming off of the chair.  The chair is solid teak which has a high oil content and quite strong so it is naturally resistant to weather but it does turn a silvery grey after time and many people don’t like this look.

The good news is that you can paint it and it will look great once again.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is not latex or oil.  It is a water based paint and it is called Chalk Paint™ because the finish feels chalky once dried.

None of us that sell the paint know what the technical specifications are of the paint, which is ok, we just know what it can do!  And without the wax finish it can be left outside.  What will happen is that when it rains the paint will absorb the water and then it will dry.  It doesn’t do any harm to the paint.  In fact, I have signs on the outside of my shop that I have painted and left outside since I opened- and they look brand new.

I have a friend living in Warsaw who has been testing this for me on her patio furniture.  She painted it last summer and left it out all year.  What did happen is that the snails (we have a lot in Poland) have left marks on it.  She hasn’t tried to clean it off but likes how it ages the furniture.  She also said that in some spots around the feet the paint was thinner.  We did have a lot of snow this year and it was quite cold- so this would have affected it for sure. But she just needs to do a touch up on that.

So….I painted the chair with Antoinette because it matches the outdoor cushion that my client already has.





And that is all there is to it!  Just the paint, no wax if left outside.  If a piece has been waxed and left outside there is a possibility that the wax will trap any moisture that gets under it and cause the wood to go moldy.  Without the wax the paint will dry on its own.

So now you don’t have to worry about buying new garden furniture!


2 thoughts on “So you are getting your garden ready for the new summer season and….

  1. Molly

    Sharon – awesome post. I definitely have some ratty looking patio furniture that I am going to give a make-over to …. can you get me the name of that fabric!? I love it. Thanks!!

    1. I am sorry Molly, but I have no idea about the fabric. The pillow belonged to my client- she wanted the colour of the chairs to match the fabric. And she got them in Holland!

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