From Babcia’s attic

It took me a while to warm up to this colour.  It is Scandinavian Pink.  Not really a popular colour in the palette.  I do have one client that absolutely loves it because her grandparents immigrated from Sweden and it reminds her of them.

This is what we started with:


I like the castors.  And it is in good condition.

My assistant painted the entire thing in Scandinavian Pink and then heavily distressed it.  This is exactly how I imagine this colour being used.  As if it has been on a piece hiding in Babcia’s attic.  (Grandmother in Polish)  This colour, to me, is very rustic and reminds me of simple old country furniture.

So of course I took photos with some things that Babcia would have had….



Swieze Maliny is “Fresh Raspberries” in Polish….just in case you were curious!  The hand wringer for washing the clothes always strikes up conversation in my shop.  I have had a few older ladies tell me that their grandmothers had the exact one.









This piece may be a touch too fancy for how the colour would have actually been used but I think it works.  The details are quite simple and don’t conflict with the color.  Another thing, when distressing a rustic piece like this it is really important to distress with intent!  Where would a piece naturally age?  Around the hinges and handles, on the edges and corners and on the legs.  Something to ponder.

I have a goal to use all the colours in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ palette- it is great to be able to show people how the colour will actually look once it is on a piece of furniture.


8 thoughts on “From Babcia’s attic

  1. Vanessa

    Oh, I love this piece – especially the color!
    What kind of wax did you use and what color? Just clear or some type of brown? I was wondering if mid brown would work on this color..

    1. Vanessa, it is just the clear wax and the sanded parts are the natural wood colour. It is possible to put a med brown wax on this colour -it adds kind of an old patina to it.

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