Don’t panic if this happens to you…..

I found this sweet little bench- perfect for a child’s room.

While I was in New Orleans I bought a few stencils and thought I would try a Paris stamp stencil on this.

So I painted the entire bench in Antoinette.  And this happened.



The paint was beading up and wouldn’t adhere to a few places, particularly the seat.  If you are relatively new to this you may be in a panic, but don’t worry!  This can happen if there is some sort of oil finish on the furniture.  In my part of the world it seems that the sellers of second hand furniture, particularly from Holland, try and improve the look of the furniture so they add some sort of oil to give the wood a lustre.   We have a couple of options when this happens.  You could wipe the paint off then lightly sand to just scuff up the surface.  Then re paint. Or you could leave the paint on  for about five minutes till it starts to thicken then go over it with the brush again.  The beading usually stops.

This is what I do.  The thicker paint seems to adhere to the oily surface much better.  Once that dries I paint a second coat.  It is pretty simple and the paint will not come off the oiled surface.

So once I had done two coats of Antoinette I then added the stencil with Graphite.  Then I clear waxed and distressed the edges.



There were five little girls in my shop today and they all loved it- so I would say it is a success!

And of course just for fun I drew a French icon on the chalk wall…because if we can’t be in Paris- maybe this is the next best thing!  (maybe after a glass or two of wine)









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