Versailles and Old White sideboard

If this doesn’t show the magic that is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ –then I don’t know what will!!

I started out with this:


Embarrassingly outdated but in good condition.  The wood is durable European oak- it has nice curves and carving details.

My assistant actually painted this one- I asked her to paint everything in Versailles, which is a very soft green and then all the raised details in Old White.


Maybe I am losing my marbles with the chalk drawings on the wall- but I am having fun with it….and if you don’t enjoy your work then it becomes a job! (my opinion anyway)IMG_5740


Once the piece was painted she then waxed with clear wax then sanded to highlight some of the details.  I then showed her a technique to highlight the Old White carvings even more.


I mixed a bit of dark wax with clear wax, then applied it on the carvings and immediately wiped off with a cloth.  Some of the wax remained in the details giving more of an aged effect- which I think works well here.IMG_5738

She also added the dark wax on the corners of the top- and other areas that would show age naturally.  This is actually a great tip for those just getting into the dark wax.  Dark wax alone can be a bit intimidating- try darkening clear wax with a touch of the dark wax and apply- until you have worked up the courage to go full on dark wax.

How is it possible that one paint has so many possibilities?





6 thoughts on “Versailles and Old White sideboard

  1. Unfortunately the Versailles doesn’t come through on the pics but I know the color and can visualize it! Stunning! Oh, keep drawing on your chalkboard; love it! I told my wife I want to paint a wall like that, thanks to your blog! I’ve gone MAD!!!! 😀

  2. June G

    Gorgeous!! Your color choices are perfect!! Oh, your so right, the ASCP is really amazing! I just finished a very large federal style buffet/server in French Linen mix with Pure White for the body, Pure White for the drawers, and waxed all with clear wax only. I absolutely love the way it turned out and the products all performed so well! My husband kept wanting to help me but I was having too much way to mess it up ever! You’ve started something with those chalk drawings!

    Still working on that upholstered chair …have a wonderful weekend!

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