Arles….just like sunny France

Perhaps Arles is most famous for this:




This is “Cafe at Night” by Van Gogh.  The cafe does exist and it looks just like this painting.

The colour Arles is inspired by this very location….and it is just as sunny.

I have a corner chest of drawers that I am trying to give new life to and of course nothing says spring than a sunny yellow….and since spring doesn’t look like it will be happening any time soon- this colour is the next best thing.


I have used a heavy hand on the distressing here.  I really wanted this to be quite old looking.


You can just barely see the bee stencil on the top.  I painted that with Old White.


The handles are quite old, I pulled them off another piece I did.  I usually save everything with the hopes of re using it.  Makes my shop very crowded- but in a good way.







You can probably tell I am having fun with the wall.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is not chalkboard paint but it can be used as a chalkboard!  Great for childrens’ rooms!


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