Only the after


I forgot to take a before of this little bedside table.  Like all the furniture I look for it was in good condition–just a bit outdated.  It has nice lines and details so once painted I knew it would look great.

I actually didn’t paint this.  My assistant Em painted it.  I told her to use Provence…I hadn’t used it in a while and I don’t think she had ever!

I think I had forgotten how great this colour is.






Provence with clear wax and then some dark wax to add patina and highlight some of the details.  A light distressing in some areas really brings it to life!

I am off to New Orleans on Monday–there is an Annie Sloan paint conference, so of course I am sure to learn loads!  I love chatting with other people that carry the paint- we bounce ideas off of each other and discuss things we have tried and learned.  Honestly, this whole painting furniture thing is one of the best decisions I have ever made!  When you find work you enjoy….it doesn’t feel like work!




4 thoughts on “Only the after

  1. juneg

    I have to get Provence…its been on my list for awhile! Your table is so sweet. Thanks again for all your help with my questions on upholstering my chair. Hope to have it done soon and I promised to send you pics. I will tell you I mixed French Linen and Old White (one to one) and came up with the pettiest color ever! Have a safe trip!

    Happy Easter

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