Following a suggestion!

If you visit Annie Sloan’s website and click on her fabrics you will see all the lovely fabrics she offers and how she uses them.  What’s more, she has suggested which colours she thinks would work well with the particular fabrics.  Of course many other colours from her pallet will also work but if there are any doubts you can follow her idea.

I am painting and recovering four chairs at the moment.  I knew I wanted to use “Emmeline in Grey” for the drop in seat but I wasn’t sure of the paint colour.  I was thinking about Paris Grey, but then the more I thought about it- I thought the chairs might look a little sad.  It is quite grey in Warsaw at the moment, the snow has stayed too long and people are ready for spring to arrive.


So I clicked on the fabric link in the Annie Sloan website and her suggestion was Duck Egg or Original.  Original, perfect- I have loads of this in stock at the moment.

So I painted the chair frame with two coats of Original, then wax and distressed.

Then I started with the seat.  I have written about chairs before.  In my opinion, it is a great project for somebody just getting started with painting furniture.  And, upholstering the seat is super easy -particularly when you have the right tools!

So with a staple remover I pulled out all the staples that were holding the old fabric on the seat.  A staple remover is great because it has a flat triangular head that allows you to get under the staple quite easily and the base of it is rounded so pulling up the staple doesn’t damage the furniture like a screwdriver would.  I also use a pair of pliers to remove any stubborn staples.



The next step is stapling the fabric in to place.  I usually start at one end making sure it is straight and the end folded under- then I complete the opposite end until all four sides are done.  I do, however leave all four corners for last.




There are many ways of doing corners.  I don’t have one method I prefer- depends on the furniture.

So for this chair I first pulled the middle of the corner tight and stapled it down.


Then I cut off the corner.


Next I fold the end towards the centre and staple it down trying to be as neat as I can.IMG_5527

Then I staple the other end down so it looks like this.IMG_5528


Once it is placed into the chair frame it should look like this:


It looks quite neat and tidy!  Here are some of the chair details.


These chairs are a perfect example of the magic of paint! Here is the before:


The hideous 80’s dusty rose fabric on beech wood, which is not my favourite- but it is very strong.IMG_5535





I think had I decided to paint with Paris Grey the combination may have been a bit dreary.  Original and Emmeline in Grey, like Annie Sloan suggests is perfect!  Not cutesy or overly girly.

So if ever you are in doubt just browse through  There is loads of information out there for beginners right through to the more experienced painters!


6 thoughts on “Following a suggestion!

    1. Eileen–Original is different than Old White, it has a touch of yellow in it where Old White has a touch of grey. Maybe this colour is not available in the States?? We have it all over Europe.

  1. June G

    Sherri, this was a “timely” post for me, as I have a couple of chairs I’m not so sure what I will do with them. I took all the old upholstery off down to dirty cotton and replaced it with foam. The way this chair is made I can’t figure out how to staple the foam to the board and then the board to the chair. It’s the type of job that will require a “gimp”. My husband thinks he can staple through the foam..I’m not so sure. Do I need to nail the board down first then add the foam? I’m sorry this is such a long question, hope you can help me. Original isn’t a color on my list either.

    Sending you some sunshine from CA!

    1. we need sunshine! June, is the seat a drop in or is it permanently fixed to the frame? It is hard to say without a photo but if your husband staples the foam down- won’t it pucker in the spots it is stapled? If you can send me a photo I could be of more help, but just by the sounds of it, I wouldn’t staple it because then the foam wouldn’t be smooth.

  2. June G

    Okay, I’ve attempted to send you two pics from my phone, I hope they get there! I wasn’t sure of your email address.

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