Using two colours with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™

Inspired by a comment on my previous post I thought I would write some information about using two colours.

If you want to achieve a look of layers of paint on a piece of furniture….this is the one for you!

This is part of the magic that is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™.  We can create an aged look without too much trouble.

I recommend using a darker layer and a lighter layer so that both paint colours are quite visible and there is a noticeable contrast.

In my samples I have painted one with dark under light and one with light under dark.


In the above photo I have painted two spindles- these are really great to show my clients the full effect.  The first one is Original on top of Scandinavian Pink and the second is Aubusson Blue on top of Country Grey.  No special technique, I painted one layer and once it was dry I painted the second layer in a different colour.  Then I waxed and sanded.

In the close up you can see that I have just lightly sanded to reveal the lighter colour underneath.  This is the look I like, of course if you want to- you can sand much more to reveal the under colour.  If you really want the first layer to show through I would recommend a strong sanding with a 150 to 180 grit sand paper –before the layer of wax.

I have sanded a bit more to show more of the pink underneath as well as the dark wood.  Again, this is how I like it- you may like more or less distressing in your own work.


Here is the technique on a piece of furniture.  The first layer is Barcelona Orange and the top layer is Paloma.  I just lightly sanded on the edges and details to show the orange.IMG_5502

The next two photos are from sample boards that I did.  The first shows Emperors silk under Chateau Grey.IMG_5503

This sample shows Aubusson Blue under Paris Grey.IMG_5504

The sample boards are pine so you can really see the wood details in the under colour.

This is a fun and easy technique to try.  Nothing really difficult about it and it creates an authentic aged look in your furniture.

Try it!!  You will love it!


4 thoughts on “Using two colours with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™

  1. JoLinn Johnson

    I need help! I have a piece I painted the graphite color, witch on color.samples it look black Wich is what I want! Now that it is stressed it looks blugray? How do I get my piece black what I am so confused why it is not? Please help me? I have not waxed yet , I had reAd you could mix color with wax? Just need some ideas how to get my piece a black stressed color! Thank you JoLinn Johnson

  2. Chris Townsend

    Hi, love the two colour effects in your post. I have tried this recently but am disappointed with result because the first colour scandanivian pink is tinting the top coat of old white. The white looks pale pink! I have done two coats of old white now and it still looks very pale pink. Any suggestions? Chris .

    1. Chris- I painted with scandinavian pink under original and didn’t have a problem at all. Have you painted the whole thing? You could wax in between- just a light coat on the pink so that the pigment is sealed in.

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