On the fence…

I love painting furniture, but every once in a while I have a hard time painting something. I bought a walnut table that I refuse to paint, in fact, I am bringing it home and my youngest will be using it as her desk- no paint!
Last Saturday a lovely family dropped off this:

Yikes!  that is quite blurry!  Here are some of the details:

IMG_5445  IMG_5446  IMG_5447

This family has lived in a few places in the world, the last one being Dubai.  I am not sure what kind of wood this is- probably something native to The United Arab Emirates-  but it is certainly beautiful.

The carvings are great as is the crown mouldings.

If this were mine, I doubt I would paint it!

But it isn’t and my clients wanted to refresh this piece.  This I completely understand!

The wanted a neutral colour so I suggested Country Grey with the details highlighted in Old White.


I am sure I have said before how I love Country Grey.  It is the perfect beige.  It works with everything and has great coverage.


This is after one coat.



And there was a slight problem.  Something was spilled on and under this piece.  I scraped and cleaned off as much as possible but after one coat of paint some of the spots were coming through.  So I applied a coat of lacquer to seal the stains in.  I haven’t yet applied the second coat so I am not sure if it worked!IMG_5459


And of course these are the details after a coat of old white.  I obviously still need to clean up the lines but I love how it looks and I just love these two colours together.IMG_5463

So tomorrow will be applying the second coat to the interior, cleaning up the details then waxing and a light distressing.

And it WILL be ready tomorrow because it will be picked up on Saturday!


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