Postman Pat and friends…..


Actually this is quite funny.

I am sure I have mentioned it before but I live in a part of Warsaw that has loads of expats.  They usually move here for a period of three to five years and then on to the next country.  They pack up their things to take with them or give to other expats or donate items they no longer need.

This next project was a gift from one expat to another.  A childrens’ toy box that is no longer needed.

This is the before:


This was a DIY project for a little girls room.  The top also had lilac gingham but I took it off.  There was batting all around it and everything was nailed on–which was lucky for me because it made the removal quite easy.


And this was the surprise that was waiting for me under the fabric!!

Postman Pat and all his friends and on the side Pingu.


The top actually has Winnie the Pooh–but we will keep him hidden.


This is the piece that the hinges attach to.  It had a piece of batting glued down to it and I have a feeling removing the glue is going to be a bit of a pain.

Today I  started painting the box red.


So long Postman Pat!  I am sure you were loved but now it is time for something new!

I will continue this tomorrow…I expect drastic changes with this one!

On a side note I still haven’t finished the Barley twist chair.  I can’t find the perfect trim to hide the staples.  I am debating sewing double piping/welting….we will see how that goes.


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