The secret to a great shine.

There are so many tips that I have picked up from the blog world- I thought it was  time I shared one of mine.

Waxing can be daunting- particularly for a first timer.  (you know who you are)  The key to good waxing is not to use too much.  I can’t stress this enough.  Do not cake the wax on –it will not dry.  Actually the top will dry but the undercoat will still stay soft….which causes such a mess.  There will be marks in the wax and you will be frustrated.  And taking off the excess wax is equally frustrating.  Trust me on this.

Two thin coats will do it.  I like to use a round brush.  This is my preference, some prefer the cloth method, but I find the round brush lets me apply the wax more easily and evenly and I am able to get into all the cracks and crevices.

I am painting a kitchen.  My third one in Poland.  And once again it is white.  No complaints from me, I really love the look of a white painted kitchen.

In a kitchen I will do three coats of wax.  Better safe than sorry.  Again, really important to apply thin coats.

My client wanted the finish to be shiny.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ does have its limits with shine.  The paint is matte so it is up to the wax to create the shine.  IMG_1099

This is after the wax application.  It is quite matte and waxy looking.  Maybe it isn’t too clear here- but it is.  Now for the secret!

IMG_1101These two brushes are what I use to get the shine.  One is a wallpaper paste brush and the round one, I am actually not sure what it is for, I think something to do with creating texture in plaster- or something similar.
IMG_1102After I apply the wax and I am certain that it is even, I brush back and forth with the big brush.  Actually, I usually use the round one- I get a more even grip with it.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ can be quite textural- if you want it to be.  When buffing with a cloth you may not get into all the spaces- that is why I like the brush.  In the above photo you can see how much texture there is and also how much shine there is.

It is the same principle as shining your waxed shoes with a brush to bring out the shine.  I won’t be spit shining my furniture any time soon….so I think I will stick with the brush!


6 thoughts on “The secret to a great shine.

  1. Boy, she’s a lucky lady, her kitchen is going to be beautiful! I have always loved the soft sheen of wax, you just can’t get that effect any other way. Using brushes is a great idea, much easier than rags. Thanks for sharing!

  2. June G

    The cabinets are beautiful!! Did you use Pure White on them? I read your comment to, 4 The Love of Wood, regarding ASCP. I just today did a compairson of AS wax to another brand advertising “totally green, no VOC, no bad smell…whatever! In my opinion Annie Sloans’s wax is far superior to the “copycat” brand I compared it to. You are so right about not using too much wax, I made that mistake once!


    1. Thanks June,

      The colour on the cabinets is Old White.
      That is good information about the “copycat” brand. Time will show an inferior product. Annie has spent her life developing her brand and those that come along with their copies have not put the experience or knowledge into the paint. I would never say which brands are copies- hopefully people can figure that out for themselves. When a sales and marketing campaign bashes Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in order to sell their own- in my opinion, it speaks volumes on the type of character they have- and a few of these copies do just this.

      1. juneg

        I agree totally! I bought a few samples of another brand that is a few dollars cheaper just to see how it performed, and then a horrible bashing from several of that company’s retailers bashed ASCP and her Stockists. And the owner of the company chimed in! Well that was enough for me I wont buy from them again and anyway AS is a very high quality product you can tell she has done the hard work to perfect the products. Thank you for responding on the color…I forget how pretty Old White is w/o the dark wax! I’m hoping to get to Vancouver BC this summer too…my sister lives in Blaine WA…not far at all!

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